Happy earth day! Today I volunteered for an event in Surrey called Party for the Planet, they’re all about getting people in the community involved in taking care of our planet. There were engaging performances, information booths, selfie stations, recycle zones, and many more fun activities for people of all ages to partake in.

I was at the Doors Open booth as a representative, where I got to hand out prizes, quiz participants with trivia questions, and promote the doors open event!

Doors Open is a free event taking place in June of this year where people get to see behind-the-scenes of Surrey’s organizations and services and also celebrate the city’s rich heritage, culture, and history while enjoying fun activities like nature walks and museum tours.

At the booth, we asked kids, adults, and seniors several questions about Surrey, and handed out ECO-friendly prize bags if they got the questions right. Did you know that Surrey has the largest RCMP detachment in all of Canada? Or that there are 800 birds in the art exhibit in city hall? Turns out, a lot of people (me included) had no idea! It was super interesting to get to speak with so many people and learn with them intriguing things about my community.

I had so much fun celebrating Earth day at Party for the Planet and getting to know how I could help achieve sustainability for our Earth. Anyway, I hope everyone had an awesome day, and if you are interested in the Doors Open event, I will leave the link below so you could check it out!

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Written by: Tina

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