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Although I almost always love to curl up on the couch with a warm cup of hot chocolate in hand during the winter seasons, I also crave outside adventure and traveling to brand new destinations for a memorable experience in the cold! Our family has very often occurrences of wanderlust, and we love to explore the beautiful province of BC, having moved here only two years ago, so it might’ve been predictable when we set out on yet another family vacation during spring break this year! We went to the largest destination ski resort in interior British Columbia, right in the heart of BC and located in the alpine village, the Sun Peaks resort! This place has become my absolute favourite local getaway destination for a number of other reasons, keep reading to find out why!

About Sun Peaks

Although it takes around 4 hours of driving from Vancouver (and an hour from Kamloops) to arrive at the resort, the scenic route is very satisfying. The resort is surrounded by a total of three massive mountains, on which there lays 12 lifts, 135 trails with 16 gladed areas and up to 4,270 acres of skiable area!

The resort has a bit of history, with the first chair lift being built in 1961. Upon first glance, the village seems rather small, having only two to three main roads leading you through the skiing area, shops, homes and hotels, you can also ski right through the town! The view here is consistently breathtaking, from the the towering mountains covered in iridescent snow and lush fir trees to the welcoming european-style houses, there’s always something to see.

What can you do here?

Now that we know a little bit about what the resort looks like, let’s explore the activities and main attractions! The prominent feature of this resort is of course, the ski trails. I immediately put on my gear to hit the fresh power once we arrived. The sight of the thick layer of glistening snow was very alluring.

There are many different trails for different level-skiers and snowboarders here at Sun Peaks, being an intermediate skier, I glided past the bunny hills and went straight for the Sundance Express chairlift, which has an elevation of 1,730 m at the top. On the way up, I couldn’t help but gaze admiringly upon the monstrous mountainous ranges all around me, the height we were at was able to give me a perfect look of the cozy village, and with the sun gently beating down upon everything, it looked like something that belonged in a post card or commercial. Once we hit the top, I soared down the mountain. The sundance trail is amazing for being able to take you around the whole mountain, past bridges and steep slopes, which as always provided the most gorgeous views. The trail even won the best mountain trail design in North America once!

To me, there’s no better feeling than to hear the rush of the wind in your ears, the cold hitting your face as you glide with accelerating speed past the other skiers and trees, the rush of adrenaline and pure enjoyment is unforgettable. It’s the ideal way to take a break from your hectic life and take a breather. Other than skiing and snowboarding down many of its trails, sun peaks is also known for its hiking and biking trails, which provide you with that same incredible scenery while you get a good exercise or some bonding time in with family and friends. Other than that, you can also go on the bungee trampoline that will leave you jumping with joy, a fantastic dog sled adventure or sleigh ride, a chance to meet and ski with the Olympic gold medalist, Nancy Greene, or have an awesome time tubing down a huge slippery slide. Of course, if you want to wind down, the vast variety of restaurants and cafes are available.

The best restaurant recommendation I can give is probably to go to the sunburst lodge, which is located mid-mountain, offering stunning views and a fantastic menu of family-friendly comfort food. It’s a feast for your taste buds and your eyes! You can also relax by going to one of the many luxurious spas here after a long day on the slopes.

If you don’t want to face the cold, come during the summertime! The views are equally stunning, and the activities equally fun. With canoe tours, paddle-boarding, mountain yoga, horseback riding, and much more, the possibilities and excitement is endless here at the flourishing fields in Sun Peaks. The chain of shops is also worth paying a visit to. The best part is, the staff members here are all super friendly, and gives amazing advice on what you should do to best accommodate your wishes and personality! Ultimately, Sun Peaks resort is the BC dream getaway with all of these entertaining highlights and being so close to nature!


#1. My number one tip would be to go geocaching in the summer with family or friends, it’s such a unique experience!

#2. Book the coast sundance lodge because it is located at the base of the sundance trail, making it super convenient for you to hit the slopes whenever.

#3. Outdoors time doesn’t just have to be during the day! Take an evening tour and experience nature at its purest while getting a look of the glowing east village.

Why I love it

One of the reasons why I love coming to sun peaks is because it has something for everyone, no matter the age or preferences or skiing abilities. It’s not as crowded as other resorts, and even though it offers many exciting activities, it’s also serene here, for those who like a quiet and calm adventure. This resort never fails to please me with one of its many versatile features, and you know you are signing up for a great time when you a book a vacation here. Everything compliments one another, harmonizing to give you a one-of-a-kind time.

It also gives me a great flood of nostalgia, as I used to live in snowy Winnipeg, which has the nickname “winterpeg” due to its extremely cold weather. Being near the snow and cold brings me right back to Manitoba, and coming to sun peaks is like a taste of home, reminding me of precious memories all while giving me a new, memorable experience. You can also see the unique natural beauty of BC, and grasp how magnificently gorgeous this province is.

I hope you will visit Sun Peaks resort in the summer/winter to experience all the activities above, to escape your responsibilities and stress for a little bit, and to have a pleasurable, classic, exhilarating, and interesting vacation between signature Canadian mountain ranges!

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