Last month went by in a whirlwind and I am honoured to be your new Miss Teenage British Columbia 2016! This is my second time going for the title and, you may ask, why did I compete in Miss Teenage Canada again? In 2014, I had the most spectacular time of my life joining my first pageant and meeting beautiful, talented, and intelligent people all over Canada. I was able to get involved with my community events and the experience changed how I perceive the world and how I carry myself. Although I have had many downfalls, I have learned and grown so much! I have made countless unforgettable friendships along the journey and I will always be grateful for every opportunity that has come in my way! 🙏🙏🙏

As if my brain was jolted by several volts of electricity, I found it very difficult to return to a mental state of serenity that night.

crown group

So. How did I get into pageants?

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Imagine Ariel (with shorter hair), signing up for the 2014 Miss Teenage British Columbia competition on Mon. Oct. 28, 2013 at 10:58 PM. I was 15, and the idea of wearing dresses/tiaras & waving to a crowd was extremely appealing. The closest I have been with any princess was in front of my TV, watching the Princess Diaries. That, and also at Disney Land, Disney World, Disney Cruise, Disney Hotel…(yes, I chose my name from a Disney story book of princesses…I honestly joined pageants because I wanted to live my princess dream).


In 2014, after winning Miss Teenage Burnaby, I soon realized that the crown comes with a responsibility. During my year of reign, service to the community was a mission. I fundraised for Free The Children, the pageant’s official charity, and I kept a personal blog for updates on my accomplishments within my community. I promoted my platform – celebration of diversity – through volunteering for events of all different backgrounds. I found joy in volunteering, and I have made countless friends and connections through these opportunities; it felt so good to be giving back and helping others! Pageants have opened so many doors for me and I am beyond thankful for the experience!


A Little Tidbit About Your New Miss Teenage B.C.

Ariel is proud to be her school board’s student ambassador. She is a dedicated leader & volunteer, who takes initiative in getting involved. Starting from age 4, Ariel has been professionally trained in dance, piano, and violin. Whether it is ballet/hip hop/Latin dance/Chinese dance or flute/keyboard/guitar/Chinese zither, she has had a musically-enriched childhood, and later became her school rep to Burnaby’s Got Talent for both 2015 AND 2016. For the past 2 years, she has had the incredible opportunity to model at Vancouver Fashion Week! A great percentage of her time is also spent in art studios, where she paints, sketches, and immerses herself in a state of creative coma. She writes for the school newspaper and has achieved 3rd place in the Concours D’art Oratoire in April 2016, representing Burnaby North Secondary as one of the three grade 12 core French public speakers. Ariel strives as an athlete and loves horse-riding, ultimate, and snowboarding. This adventure-seeker is blessed to have visited 24 countries with her loving parents! As an AP Scholar, Ariel excels in academics and will study computer science at University of British Columbia.

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Stay tuned,

Ariel 💋


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