I was up bright and early on Sunday to assist the TELUS walk to cure diabetes event hosted by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at Stanley park. My responsibility was to watch over my given tent, and entertain people from my favourite age group. You guessed it, kids! I was occupied pretty much all day trying to ensure that the little angels that came to the walk had the greatest time possible. I cheered them on in games of bean bag toss, ring toss, mini golf, fishing ducks, and gave them water tattoos as prizes. Every one of these children, some as young as 4, were absolutely determined and tireless despite the difficult of the games. They sure were in it to win it!

Other than the kids entertainment tent, there were various other activity tents that were buzzing with old and new walkers and families. The great turnout on Sunday showed how many families are affected by or care deeply about finding a cure for diabetes. The way everyone had a smile on their face and were so excited to fundraise made me feel so blessed to be able to volunteer that day. It’s truly moving how even amid hardships and obstacles, people still choose to unite in love and inspire or uplift each other.

It turns out that in the last year, JDRF raised more than 300,000 dollars for finding a cure to diabetes!

This was yet another great event, for newly diagnosed families, for people with family members or friends living with diabetes, or even for people like myself who aren’t drastically affected by diabetes to learn about what others have to overcome everyday and help them out the best that we can. A huge thank you to TELUS for sponsoring this event and JDRF for letting me volunteer, I had a wonderful time.

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Written by: Tina

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