Hi my name is Tina, I am 16 and I am the current Miss Teenage British Columbia 🙂 I am so honoured to be able to hold this title and I will work my hardest to bring positive changes in my community.

Welcome to my blog and today I will be sharing with you somethings I love to do so you can get to know me more!

Because I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, I developed interests for photography. I love going to Gastown, olympic village and Stanley park to take pictures and go on adventures with my friends. There are also so many amazing restaurants and stores along Robson street and I absolutely adore.

Picture I took of Gastown


Going up North into North Vancouver, there are gorgeous mountains which I love to go to during both winter and summer. In the winter my family and some friends would often go up the mountains to go snow shoeing or snow boarding/skiing an it is so much fun to be able to spend some quality time with the people close to you. In the summer, my family try to go on the Grouse Grind as much as possible to try to keep a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Mt Seymour Snowshoeing

In my everyday life since the age of 5, I have developed a passion for music. I started out with playing piano for almost 5 years but then I came across this fabulous instrument that I fell in love with -Flute. I first decided to play the instrument just simply because it is so small and easy to carry and all of my friends picked it. Now that I have been playing this instrument seriously for the past 4 years, I enjoy it more and more everyday. Music has brought so much joy into my life; it provided me with opportunities to perform on stage and it sometimes calm my anxieties. Now that I have received the First Class Honour With Distinction for level 8 RCM flute, and is involved in multiple chamber orchestras, I am motivated to work harder to achieve more goals.

Health and fitness play such a significant role in my life and it has lead me to various sports. My favourites are basketball, ultimate and volleyball. I have been playing those sports with my school team ever since elementary schools and the best thing about those sports is that I got to meet so many wonderful people and I learned important skills when working with a team.

Of course, community service is on the top of my list. I have always wanted to do something beneficial to the society and create a positive change, so I am incredibly thankful for this title because I get to do more. I chose the platform to support cancer research and spread awareness because of two main reasons. Firstly, my grandpa passed away from lung cancer and it was so hard to watch my family go through the loss so I really don’t want to see other families go through the same thing. Secondly 1 in 4 may Canadians get affected by cancer making it one of the leading cause of death in Canada. Maybe one person in your friend group would encounter the disease at some point in their life. The club that I have funded in the community have been doing really well and we wish to keep it up in future years and potentially expand it to different cities. I want to inspire more young individuals to do something that they are passionate about and bring positive change to their communities.

My club doing a fundraiser!

During my year of reign, I will be attending multiple charity events hoping to create a bigger impact. I will be supporting non-profit and charity organizations with their work by volunteering or making speeches.

I am so excited for the year to come and I can’t wait to share it with all of you 🙂

Written by: Tina

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