Today I decided to write about something more fun 🙂

This blog will be 15 fun facts about me so you guys will get to know me pretty well by the end. Don’t spill the secrets 😉

No.1 My favourite subject in school is math. I know I am such a nerd but numbers just make sense to me!






No. 2 I first chose to play flute just because it was a small and easy to carry instrument but I fell in love with it over the years

No. 3 I have been travelling since I was about 3 and I have been to over 10 countries. My favourite was definitely France and Canada because both places are extremely beautiful and the food is amazing!

No. 4 I am quite an adrenaline junkie! Bungee jumping and sky diving are definitely on my bucket list

No. 5 My favourite movie series is Harry Potter and I have watched all the movies at least 5 times. They are just so amazing! This summer I will get back to reading all the books and if you haven’t read or watched the series you really should you won’t regret it!

No. 6 I once owned 20 hamsters, 6 turtles and a puppy at the same time. It was so hectic but I loved them all. Unfortunately most of them have passed away because of old age but I am really glad I got to spend some years with them. My friend gave me a pair of hamsters one day and she told me they were both boys, then one day I looked inside their cage and I saw babies! It was a shock but definitely a pleasant one the little ones were adorable <3

No. 7 Seven is my lucky number and my favourite. It just makes me happy I’m not sure why.

No. 8 My favourite food is Ramen or any kind of noodles for that matter. There are just so many good restaurants in Vancouver!

No. 9 My family is from the capital of China- Beijing and I have visited there many times it is a beautiful place. I will be travelling there again in the summer and I can’t wait to share a blog about my journey with all of you!

No. 10 My favourite events to watch in the Olympics are anything related to swimming. Most people say swimming is the most boring sport to watch but I just find it so much fun. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with my cousins just to watch Michael Phelps swim!

No. 11 I used to get C and C+ in elementary school art classes. I was extremely bad at art and I still am. I really appreciate the work of arts and I really wish I could create something so beautiful but it just never happened for me 🙁

No. 12 The ocean and the beach are my favourite things about nature. It is just so nice to lay on the beach and enjoy such an amazing view – the sunset, seagulls and waves hitting the sand. Everything about it is just perfect.

No. 13 I have made the goal to travel all around the world (at least to most of Europe) with friends or a loved one by the age of 30. I enjoy learning and exploring different cultures and meeting new people is always a blast.

No. 14 I actually hate shopping. It is very stressful to pick out something I like but when I do decide to spend an entire day at the mall I just have to buy something. I can never go home empty handed.

No.15 My mom and my friends have helped me through so much in my life and I can’t thank them enough. They taught me how to be a better version of myself and loved me when I wasn’t even sure if I could love myself. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my life and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be here without any of you.

Written by: Tina

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