I am still kind of limping around but that’s okay! This morning, I was able to finish my first 10K with my school, Burnaby North Secondary, at the 2016Vancouver Sun Run! I was pumped to see so many people from different backgrounds/ages/ethnicities, running and laughing together in Downtown Vancouver! Along the bumpy roads in Stanley Park and the grueling uphills across Burrard Bridge, there were multiple occasions where I honestly doubted my decisions for waking up at 7:15am just to RUN. But all jokes put aside, I was adrenalized as I ran beside so many enthusiastic and positive individuals who put their hearts into the whole process of running; their drive & energy were the biggest motivation for me to dash to the finish line! A thank you goes to the volunteers and organizers for cheering us on, for giving us water, and also for telling me “YOU ONLY HAVE SIX KILOMETRES LEFT; YOU CAN DO IT”! 😂










P.S. If you’ve never done the Sun Run, I swear upon the Fraser River that it is worth your time!

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