On Fri. Jun. 24, I was able to help out at the Surrey Food Bank, providing food assistance to many in the community.


It was my first time volunteering at a food bank and I was not quite sure what to expect when I started the day. We were given a very informative orientation about who used the food bank and how the food bank worked before we headed out to help with the distribution line. We calculated the basic cost of living nowadays, and I was genuinely surprised at how much we could spend a month! It was a wake-up call to me as I realized how much money I had wasted on non-essentials and that there were a lot of people around in my community who didn’t enjoy the luxuries that I had.


Working at the distribution line, we were able to meet all sorts of people regardless of gender, race, size, and religion. It was a lighthearted environment and everyone had an enjoyable time, whether it be distributing the food or receiving the food.


Along with Miss Teenage Maple Ridge 2016 – Shawna and Miss Teenage Surrey 2016 – Anne, we all appreciated this educational, valuable, and inspirational experience; thank you so much to the Surrey Food Bank for the warm welcome!


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Stay tuned,

Ariel 💋


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