What better way to spend my May-long Weekend than to spend it in the gorgeous Okanagans!?! After driving for a day from the Lower Mainland to the Okanagans for a family trip, on Sun. May 22, I woke up to the dazzling BC interiors sunrise and got to volunteer at an aid station at Peach City Runfest in Penticton, BC! I had a fun time saying hi to all the active, smiling runners and volunteers as we kept everyone hydrated with plentyof H2O… Fantastic job to everyone and thank you for the warm welcome!

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As Miss Teenage BC, one of my long term goals is to visit as many cities in the beautiful British Columbia as I possibly can. I was so excited to attend my first “out-of-region” event! I am looking forward to more of these in the following months to come; will it be Victoria, Nanaimo, or Whistler? Stay tuned! <3


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Stay tuned,

Ariel 💋


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