$955.40 for Fort McMurray in 4.5 hours from the BC MISS TEENAGE CANADA girls! A BIG thank you to everyone who took part in this special event!!!


Over the past few days, more than 80000 Albertans have been evacuated, with their homes destroyed by the Fort McMurray wildfires. On behalf of the MISS TEENAGE CANADA organization, all the revenue will go to the Fort McMurray residents. This crisis affects us deeply as Canadians; let us all lend a helping hand towards Fort Mac!

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Thank you to every single one of my Miss Teenage BC sisters for coming out from far, far away Langley, Delta, Surrey, and Burnaby to Richmond; I can’t thank you all enough for the fun times we had while we poured our heart out to lend a helping hand to the people of Fort McMurray! Thank you to each of your parents/siblings/cousins for their unwavering support as well!



Another thank you goes to PriceSmart Foods Richmond for the generosity of allowing us to use your space (your support was ESSENTIAL)! Without PriceSmart’s fantastic venue and generous staff, this event would not have been possible and it would not have been so successful!!! <3











Last but not least, thank you to Jason W Media for your beautiful pictures and videos!!! Thank you for spending your valuable time to come out and support us!


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Stay tuned,

Ariel 💋


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