Mixing two of my favourites together: children & art!!! I had an afternoon full of giggles and crazy face painting at Capital Hill Elementary in Burnaby; I got to utilize my full artistic potential in the most fascinating way possible!

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As per some of the adorable children’s request:
“Make me look scary!” (“are your parents okay with this”)
“I WANT A MOUSTACHE” (my specialty!)
“May I get a hockey mask painted on my face…Toronto Maple Leafs!” (“uh…okay!”)
“DRAGON! ON MY WHOLE ARM” (of course…he had to choose the one picture that looked like the dragon could eat me alive)
“Can I get a Batman symbol, a Superman symbol, Ironman’s mask, Thor’s hammer, and Captain America’s shield on my arms please” (“I…uh…will try my best”)











Yup. I said yes to all of this and used a sprinkle of creativity plus a dash of gooey water to make the magic happen! I laughed quite a bit when I decided to accept some of these hilarious requests…ooooh, I had so much fun working with kids! XD


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Stay tuned,

Ariel 💋


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