Special thank you to Reena from the CFOFO – Canadian Federation of Fiji Organizations for the invitation to attend their annual youth talent show! I am so grateful for allowing me to share my story and to talk a little bit about my platform on encouraging a healthy lifestyle! I performed a short hip hop dance piece as well and was able to watch some captivating cultural performances with roots in South Asia. One particular girl who did a Bollywood dance piece really caught my attention; ahh, I want to learn to dance Bollywood!


My platform in 2014 as Miss Teenage Burnaby 2014 – Ariel was celebrating diversity, and this event reminded me how lucky I am to be able to experience all these cool, amazing cultures! Equality amongst all genders, ethnicities, and nationalities is something that I constantly preach for; I look forward to the day where there is no racial discrimination in our world and we can proudly be whoever we want to be!

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Miss Teenage BC Signature

Stay tuned,

Ariel 💋


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