It is day 2 at the Miss Teenage Canada pageant! It still feels unreal that I am here and all the girls are so gorgeous <3

I’m sure everyone looks forward to the food everyday and that is exactly what this blog will be about! It is very important to gain the right amount of calories and nutrients per day because a healthy life style can make a great impact in your life.

Did you know that having a healthy diet can reduce the chance of getting cancer, in fact, “90% of cases ‘could be wiped out by avoiding triggers caused by our unhealthy lifestyles” (daily mail uk). This is where Clean Meals come in! All of their meals are under 500 calories and they are packaged nicely and can be prepared in under 3 minutes.

I personally tried their meals after a long day of rehearsals and interviews and it was actually really filling! Healthy + filling = the best dinner <3

It works so easily:

  1. You select the meal you want
  2. Clean Meals prepare it fresh
  3. They deliver
  4. Time to enjoy your food!

If you are like me and is too lazy to cook, ordering Clean Meals is the way to go

Clean Meals

Written by: Tina

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