Hi it’s Miss Teenage British Columbia checking in!

In the past months after crowning, I have been attending several charity events including shows, conferences and awards ceremonies. It was really amazing to see some of the local organizations bringing people together to celebrate multiculturalism and to donate to really important causes.

April 2018

The first event I attended was a conference hosted by the Canadian Youth Union Foundation. The organization was created because a high school student went missing for several days and the student’s parents reached out to friends who assisted the police in finding the student. A few days later the student’s body was found near a lake. This group of friends that came together decided that they want to keep doing this to support families who might be in the same situation. They host conferences about youth’s mental health and how parents can communicate with their children. I was really moved by the work that they have been doing and how important it is because there are many youths out there who need support but don’t know where or who to go to.

Founders of the Canadian Youth Union Foundation

The next event this month was the Vancouver Spring Show that wanted to spread multiculturalism and unite the different communities. I think multiculturalism is very important because of how diverse Canada is as a country and it is also a great opportunity to bring the community together by enjoying a show. I was very honoured to be interviewed by WOW TV and to be able to talk a little bit about myself and my title.

May 2018

I had the privilege to attend the Mother’s Day Concert at the Orpheum theatre and model with Bentley at the event. It was an amazing event with all the talented performances and guest speakers. There was actually a section where they pick a mother in Vancouver and make a short video about her to present at the end of the concert and they picked my mom!!! It was so exciting to see my mom so happy because she has always wanted to film something like this and it was just a very memorable experience.

My gorgeous mom and I

The most recent event was the 15th Outstanding Women And Mothers Awards Ceremony/Show and I met so many successful women. They have done so much for the community and for their families it was just a very inspiring moment. My friend’s mom was mentioned and it was very heartwarming to see her hard work paying off and how happy she was to receive an award. Overall, those women motivated me to keep working hard for the rest of my reign and bring as much positive energy to my community as I can.

My friend’s mom, me, my mom and guest performer

I will keep you updated with future events, but for now Miss Teenage British Columbia is signing off!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day <3

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