I had the best time today at the boat for hope event in Vancouver with Variety Children’s Charity! Variety is a wonderful organization that supports kids with all capabilities and backgrounds, they do tons to enrich so many children’s lives. Today’s Boat for Hope fundraiser at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club was one of the funnest I’ve ever attended! There were many stations set up with all kinds of activities right by the sea, like the one I was at, which was an adorable pig racing station. There were electrically-powered fluffy pigs that kids could pick, and we made them race against each other. Believe it or not, the kids, and even some adults loved it! They cheered on crazy loud for their chosen oinkers.

Besides this, there were boating adventures, a bouncy house, face painting, and loads of other games for all the little pirates running around.

Overall, it was a magical afternoon filled with positive energy, joy, and excitement. I loved helping out with Variety’s events and strongly encourage you guys to donate at variety.bc.ca! I especially enjoyed being around so many cute little kids that were so prideful of themselves for winning the pig races. I wish everyone a fantastic and happy weekend!

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Miss Teenage BC 2017

Written by: Tina

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