The 2017 search for Miss Teenage Canada has begun! Ever since I arrived at the beautiful city of Toronto to attend this National pageant, it’s been surreal and ecstatic for me to meet everyone and attend the special activities—-which is what we kicked off with on the day all 59 delegates arrived! On August 7th, we all gathered in a room and began to celebrate all of our amazing sponsors and their services with a sponsor-hosted party! This blog post is entirely dedicated to these companies and all the cool stuff they did for us, let’s jump in!

Watches are often seen as just a tool that tells time, but to me, it’s also an essential and adorable jewelry piece! We visited the Up To The Time Watches booth and tried on our favourite watches, mine was definitely this vintage one, it’s absolutely gorgeous and I hope I can get my hands on it. Although the watch is vintage, it definitely keeps me up to the time!

The next sponsor brought provided us with a chance to express ourselves on stage, the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Mississauga challenged us to post a video of ourselves playing one of the multiple instruments on stage or to sing, and whoever gets the most likes on the post with #mtcsongsolo gets to win a useful cordless mike! I haven’t recorded my video yet, but I do have a few interesting ideas. 🙂


Us pageant girls definitely need to have bright, sparkling teeth for those winning pageant smiles, and Rob, who took over the Archer Dental booth, handed out goodie bags with dental supplies to help us perfect our smiles.

It can’t be a pageant without some chic high heels! Nine West, one of my favourite fashion companies provided us with some gorgeous black heels, everyone was obsessing over them, but how can you not? I can’t wait to rock the stage wearing these bad boys.

Golden Goddess had a cute booth with goodie bags full of skincare products and offered tanning services. They are super helpful as these services really prepare us for the upcoming competition this week, and I felt like a golden goddess using their African black soap and Shea butter moisturizer.

My inner girliness was fully satisfied by Super Adorbs and their super adorbs accessories they provided us with! I was freaking out over the headbands and had so much fun picking something out for myself and my new pageant friends.

Social media is such an important tool for us delegates, who do a lot of promoting. So, it’s only appropriate that I introduce, with great admiration, our sponsor Hashtagio! This organization displays a collected feed of pictures from the same hashtag so that people can look at all the highlights of certain events by searching a specific hashtag, like ours #MTC2017! Hashtagio also had a co-sponsor, Standard Telecom Business Phone networks. Together these two sponsors help us share our favourite MTC moments on social media and creates a memorable replay of all the behind the scenes moments.


The night ended with delicious slices of cake and pizza, the girls all got along so wonderfully well. We bonded over all the generous goodies our sponsors distributed, and had a truly fantastic time. As we brace ourselves for the upcoming intensity and excitement of the competition, this was a perfect way to ease ourselves into the busy week. An enormous, humongous, ginormous thank you to all of our sponsors, you all mean so much to all the delegates and I wish you well!



Written by: Tina

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