I adore fashion, and especially street fashion, so you can imagine my uncontainable excitement when I received my second blog assignment for Miss Teenage Canada, which was to write a fashion article for Street Chic about Vancouver’s most representative street styles! For my street of choice, I chose Granville street located near the shore in downtown. Other than the attractive designer stores, some of Vancouver’s boldest and most stylish fashion can be seen on this very street. I decided to shoot a couple of young models and talk to them about their fashion choices, fashion icon, inspiration, favourite stores, etc. It was an absolutely amazing time.

In my fashion article, I talked a bit about each model who I interviewed and their personal background. From Alissa, who’s a fourteen year old high school student who loves to go for cute and casual, Phillip, a high school graduate who likes to stay in action and loose but well-paired clothing, to Jessica, a teenager who thoroughly enjoys trendy yet bold ensembles that really lets her inner adventurousness shine through, I explored each of our subjects’ wardrobe and personality. The conclusion I drew from these three amazing teens and their outfit choices is that dressing yourself is not always all about the brand names or conventionally appealing look, but rather how a piece can totally boost your confidence!

Behind the scenes at the shoot

This experience showed me that when choosing an outfit, it’s not about what other people think about it, it will always be about how the outfit reflects your personality and background as well as improving your self-image. And that’s why I love fashion so much, it’s so inclusive of everyone, no matter what age, size, gender, or colour, there’s always something for everyone, it can freely accommodate to your lifestyle and character. That is what Vancity street chic is to me: diverse, liberated, and fun! I also feel that it’s very well represented by the crowds on Granville street, or more specifically, Alissa, Phillip, and Jessica. Read more about it in my Street Chic fashion article!

Downtown Glam on Granville Street in Vancouver

I hope you all enjoy my fashion article and get a taste of the hectic city life of downtown Vancouver. Have a wonderful week and stay tuned!

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Written by: Tina

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