Located at the north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Whistler Blackcomb is the largest and most amazing ski resort in North America. The official host for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler Blackcomb is beautiful all year round. As a British Columbian, I am super lucky to have Whistler in my backyard as it has become one of my favourite local destinations!


Where is it exactly?

Take the Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler and the trip takes about 2 hours north from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). See the full list of transportation suggestions here. Click the map for directions!

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The resort is now mostly owned by Whistler Blackcomb Holdings and Nippon Cable.

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Fun History Facts

  • 1858: the 1st account of the valley area between Whistler and Blackcomb was of the Hudson’s Bay men searching for another way to the Cariboo Gold Rush up north.

  • 1860s: British Naval surveyors referred to the mountain as “London Mountain”, which soon obtained the nickname “Whistler” because of the shrill whistle made by the Western Hoary Marmots who lived among the rocks.

  • 1960: the Canadian Olympic Association surveyed the west coast for possible locations to host the 1968 Winter Olympics. Because there was no road, no electricity, and no piped water or sewer in the area, their bid for the Olympics was turned down. Franz Wilhelmsen, a local businessman, went forward with developing a ski area on the south side of the mountain.

  • January 15, 1966: Whistler officially opened for skiing and won instant praise for its vertical drop, excellent snow conditions, and gigantic alpine area.

  • December 6, 1980: the newly developed Blackcomb Mountain opened for skiing and the Village became available to the public.

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Peak 2 Peak

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola deserves its own section in this blog because it is a MUST do whether you are visiting Whistler Blackcomb in the winter or summer! A tri-cable gondola lift that links Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain from peak to peak, it holds the Guinness World Record for the longest free span between ropeway towers (3.024 kilometres!). If you are not afraid of heights, I highly recommend taking the gondola cabins with the glass bottoms; it is SURREAL seeing the whole world unfold beneath your feet!

Check out this video of the Peak 2 Peak from Whistler’s official site!

Winter activities

As a snowboard lover, I find myself constantly itching to pay visits to Whistler when that first layer of fresh powder sets on the mountains. Along with my school’s snowboard/ski racing team, we went to Whistler many times for our competitions this past year; I am pretty excited to hit the slopes again this winter!

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I love Whistler because there are always so much to see and do even if you are not a skier or snowboarder. Whistler has its own village, full of shops, restaurants, and mini-attractions for locals to enjoy. My personal favourite is taking strolls across the village, holding a cup of steaming hot chocolate, while watching the snowflakes swirl around me as I dash in and out of boutique stores.

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One thing I do recommend if you are coming to Whistler in a family unit is to rent a house as opposed to booking a hotel, especially if you have pets. There is so much more flexibility living in a rented place as it provides maximum family bonding time and it makes the whole experience warm and cozy. You never need to worry about disturbing other guests and you can cook your favourite meal anytime you want (there is even a supermarket in town)! Check out all the different lodging options here!

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If you are up for some adventure, have fun in the Coca-Cola tube park, go on a snowmobile tour, take a scenic helicopter flight, or book a Blackcomb sleigh ride! Go forward with a full Canadian experience with some ice-hockey down by the lake while sipping on a maple latte and munching on a big bowl of poutine. Unwind at the Scandinave spa; life will never be the same again after you’ve submerged yourself in a hot bath, surrounded by a spruce and cedar forest! The Whistler Blackcomb website is the most informative place to check out if you are looking to book these activities!

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Summer activities

Whistler is beautiful during winter AND also during the summer time! Recently I was able to attend the Whistler Children’s Festival and that was a whole new Whistler experience that I have never had!

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The past few weeks I have gained an interest in hiking and, oh boy, Whistler in the summer never fails to impress! The gorgeous scenery and the absolutely breathtaking views of the forests, mountains, and lakes are just some of the #BeautifulBritishColumbia snippets that always give me a sense of joy!

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There is still a huge variety of activities to do up on the mountain! If you want some daunting excitement, try the zipline eco-tour across the Fitzsimmons Creek, take the open-air chairlift rides to get a good look at the mountain, say “hello” to bears on a bear-sighting tour, and mountain bike up the adrenaline fueled trails. Golfing, horseback riding, river rafting, and spending time at the lakes & beaches are all great options to explore; set up a BBQ while you are at it – take your time to savour on the good food and the fine view! Again, check out the Whistler website’s summer activities section to book your next vacation now!

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Insider tips!

  • Whistler in the winter tends to be packed with people!!! If you want to skip the line, I would suggest that you book Ride Tribe/private/girls-only lessons (depending on your preference). There is a lot of freedom, the instructors are super friendly, and they can even guide you to the runs that are fresh & sans-people!

  • There is a Whistler App that gives you the newest deets on amount of snowfall, temperature, and updates on mountain conditions!

  • Try the penne alfredo if you are in Blackcomb mountain’s Glacier Creek Lodge; you can ask for half chicken and half chorizo sausages and they can accommodate with no extra cost!

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Next time you visit British Columbia, make sure to drop by Whistler Blackcomb for lots of fun in the snow/sun!

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