Hello Again Everyone,

Today was activities day! The girls and I started off with treetop trekking. This is a obstacle course where you are attached to a zip line. Thankfully I didn’t fall once, I was very proud of myself for that. I did three out of the four courses, and afterwards all of us were drinking tons of water because this trek definitely was a workout.


After lunch, we headed down to the lake. It was so nice to jump into the cool water after being in the hot sun all morning. At the lake, they have a boating tube machine. Though the lake is too small for a real boat, they created a mechanisms that with a engine and some pulleys you get dragged across the lake as if you were behind a boat! My partner Chloe and I were very happy that we were the second group that stayed on the raft the entire time without flipping off.

Once dinner was done, we had a campfire on the deck and guess who joined us? Joanne, Miss Teenage Canada 2020. So we all sat around the fire and talked with our queen and asked her about her experience competing. It was so nice to hear from the previous winner and her advice to all of us delegates.

I am heading off to bed early tonight because tomorrow is the preliminary competition. This week has already gone by so quickly, but I know these girls are some forever friends of mine.


Written by: Amelia