Hello Everyone!

I cannot believe I am already done with day two of this nationals week! The girls and I are just having so much fun that it’s flying by!

Today was a early morning start with breakfast at 7:30 and right after we were off to hair and makeup. A huge thank you to all the stylists that came out and pampered us with your makeup and hair techniques!


After hair and makeup it was off to our photo and video shoots. In my video I spoke on my platform topic of mental health and healthy coping mechanisms. Once my video was done I headed over to photos! The two lovely camera artists taking my photos were the best hype people I’ve ever met! They truly made me feel like a model.

Once all of us were done with our shoots we had a group dinner and got some of our competition outfits!

It was a busy, but thrilling day. I’ve really enjoyed having each of our meals in the banquet hall. It’s the small moment that all of us girls can just sit, chat, and eat delicious food. I’ve learned a lot about many of my pageant sisters and I am absolutely astonished with how many courageous beautiful young woman that surround me.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day filled with activities that I’m so excited to show you all!!

Written by: Amelia