Hello everyone, my name is Jessica MacNiel. I am a dancer and actress from lower mainland British Columbia. I’m 15 years old and will be starting eleventh grade in the fall. I have a passion for the arts and have been dancing all my life. I love to entertain, whether it be dancing, acting, or up on the stage with a crown on my head. The stage is my favourite place to be.  I am is supported by a loving family and amazing bunch of friends, who are all so excited to watch me compete for Miss Teenage Canada.  My platform is “beauty is not skin deep”.  I like to approach beauty from a philosophical standpoint and believe beauty is many things and truly in the eye or the mind of the beholder. I feel the modelling and pageant industry should reflect the reality of women today.We often see two ends of a spectrum on the runway, plus-size and tall and thin. I would like to see more realistic models on designer runways in order to break the beauty standards. My goal at Miss Teenage Canada is to inspire others to broaden their idea of beauty and not adhere to the thought that beauty only has to do with the way you look.  Real beauty comes from within,and we forget that far too often.  No pretty face or shapely body can match the beauty of a wonderful personality or a kind soul.
love always, Jessica MacNiel Miss Teenage Lower Mainland 2020

Written by: Jessica