Hello Everyone!

My name is Amelia (I usually go by Amy though), and I am this years Miss Teenage Okanagan. I want to start this by saying that I never saw myself as a pageant girl. I took competitive dance, and performed in theatre productions but pageants were not on my radar. So far my pageant experience has been so rewarding and fun, and I am eager to see where it will take me.


My life so far has been filled with adventure. I’ve gotten to travel to and experience the cultures of twelve different countries, alongside my mom as my travel buddy. From yoga retreats in Indonesia, to seeing geyser’s erupt in Iceland I have loved each quest that I have embarked on. One of my favorite parts of travelling is going on these journeys with my mom. Since I could remember my mom has been my biggest role model. She showed me how to create art, build a fire, and catch a fish. However, I chose to do those activities in a pink tutu with matching plastic heels, and a princess wand.¬†Every moment I had the chance, I would be dancing and singing in front of my mom and stuffed animals. As I grew up, that drive for performing changed from the dance stage, to the theatre stage, to the backstage.

As thrilling as performing is, I found my place creating magic behind the scenes of theatre productions. There are many aspects of technical theatre, set building, costume design, lighting, sound, props, and makeup. With all these different areas, I often get asked which one is my favorite. The truth is, I love it all. The variety of skills required to bring a production to life means I am always learning. I plan to continue my journey in theatre after graduation, when I will be studying technical theatre at University. Turning my passion into my career.

The journey to where I am today has been an exciting adventure and I am looking forward to what is about to come on the path to the Miss Teenage Canada crown!!

Written by: Amelia