If you were told that in 10 minutes or less you had to evacuate your house because of a fire, what would you bring with you?

This has been the question on the minds of thousands of individuals in my community. There have been 1,439 forest fires that have affected British Columbia so far this year. Residents across the Thompson-Okanagan region have been displaced from their houses, and don’t know if they will have homes to return to.

For the past few days, I myself have been on evacuation alert. Which is a heads up from the fire department and the city, to prepare you incase you and your family need to evacuate.

It has been a scary time for our province.

In the face of challenge, it is amazing to see how people have come together as a community. Different businesses have taken it upon themselves to provide food, and water to evacuees. While others have opened up their land to evacuated animals such as horses, chickens, and goats. Many individuals have also chosen to volunteer by registering evacuees and getting them settled into their temporary homes.

Thousands of individuals have contributed with spare clothes, and animal feed. I chose to make care packages and donate them to the evacuees. They included water, toiletries, snacks, and a clean towel.

I would like say thank you to all the fire fighters and front line workers out here keeping our town safe. We appreciate you.



Written by: Amelia