Pageants are often stereotyped in the media to be some sort of self absorbed, caddie, beauty contest but as a pageant girl I can tell you they are not at all like that.

The pageant world is better than Christmas ! You’re constantly receiving so much wonderful knowledge and friends, training and support. As national delegates we have to be at the top of our game, this means not only looking and behaving our best but also keeping up to date and educated on all worldly issues so that when asked a difficult or even controversial question we know how to truthfully and appropriately answer it. Some of the nicest people I know I’ve met through pageants. From the outside it looks super competitive and cut throat and all though in some cases that my be true, on the inside its really just a bunch of fun. With pageants you never stop growing, there’s always new pageants to attend and people to meet. Over the past few months I have truly fallen in love with this world. If your considering getting involved all I can say is do it, being a part of pageant life has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced .

Best wishes, Jessica MacNiel

Written by: Jessica