Hello Everyone,

Last night we competed and accomplished the first night of Miss Teenage Canada.  We started with our interview followed by dinner, then had some extra time so we went back to our room for a couple hours got ready and were able to rest for a bit. Around 9 Pm Est we went down and started to get ready. The first event was with a cocktail and talking about my platform then we went to walk in our swimsuits. After that I went and sat down and got to watch the talent portion of the night.  The night was so amazing and I had so much fun I can’t wait for tomorrow.

I also got the pleasure to take a picture and get to know three amazing young girls.  They were walking in the hall while I was waiting.  I started to talk to them because they were giggling and talking about us. The youngest was 8 and her name was Chelsie, middle girl was Natalie, she was 10 and the oldest was Stephanie and she was 12.  I got to talk with these girls and connect with them.  I told them about how I journeyed through the pageant and I told them if they ever needed help getting into the pageant  I would be so happy to help them through it.  I also let them try on my crown. It warmed my heart so much and I felt so good after that.  This is exactly why I want to win Miss Teenage Canada to inspire young girls that they can do and be anything want. It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you put your mind to it and work hard every goal is achievable.

I am so happy with how the day went and I will be wishing luck to all my pageant sisters.


Hadley xoxo

Written by: Hadley

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