Day 3 has been my favorite so far. After breakfast, we walked up to The Treetop Trekking course at the Horseshoe Valley Resort, got into our harnesses, did a safety orientation, and then we were up into the trees climbing ropes, nets, walking on beams and zip lines. Around 12:30 it was time for lunch and were exhausted from climbing in the trees for 2 hours. Treetop trekking was not all the fun for day 3, next, we headed to our rooms, changed, and split into groups. Half of us started at mini-golf and the others at the lake for Hotdog ” and had a blast but eventually after a few rides ended up crashing into the water at full speed but believe or not even that part was fun. After a day of fun, we had a very fancy dinner all dressed up and got to meet the beautiful Emma Jeapes, Miss Teenage Canada 2019. Can’t wait to share how prelims go today!

Best wishes, Jessica MacNiel

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