We started day 2 off bright and early with breakfast at 8:00. After breakfast, we got into our cocktail dresses and waited for our turn at hair and makeup, which was provided by the modern makeup college and done by some very lovely ladies. Photoshoots began with glam shots, then video introduction shoots. Somewhere in all the hustle and bustle, we had some delicious lunch, and then it was back to shoots. For my choice of the outdoor shoot, I chose casual as apposed to swimwear. I had so much fun with the casual outdoor shoot at felt totally gorgeous. Lastly, we had some small group outdoor video shots and individual video shots in our MTC T-shirts and hats. Right before dinner, we gathered with all of the delegates on the golf course to do a big group photo and video shoot.  Finally, after such a long day we ended with a lovely dinner and some leftover cake from the previous night. Day 2 was crazy, hectic, fun and so so worth it !!!

Best wishes, Jessica MacNiel

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