Bullying is such a serious issue in our world today. In schools some kids actually think it’s cool to be mean and the ones who don’t, often get the brunt of it. In elementary and start of high school , I was one of the kids who got the brunt of bullying. I was teased and excluded, girls started rumors about me and  turned all of my friends against me. Bullying can seem so big in a young mind, to me it felt like it was taking over my whole life, I didn’t want to go to school, check my phone or even leave my house in fear of being seen by my bullies. There was no escaping it and when I told a trusted adult my bullies got off with a warning and I was bullied more because of “snitching” which scared me into staying quite. Now that I’ve grown up and matured I understand just how stupid all of it was and that the stuff they were saying was not true but back then I didn’t realize that. Their words seamed so true and I didn’t believe anything else. We need more resources for kids suffering with bullying we need to show kids that being mean is not cool or justifiable by any means. Getting off on multiple warnings is not okay, Bullying is not okay. Please never treat other people with hate it will not benefit you and only hurt them. If you are struggling with bullying do not be afraid to reach out, as you know I am always a resource for you and will do everything in my power to help.

best wishes, Jessica MacNiel

Written by: Jessica