Hi everyone, My name is Jessica MacNiel and I am Miss Teenage lower mainland 2020! I’m 14 years old, going into 10th grade.  I am a competitive dancer specializing in contemporary but I also compete in Jazz, Ballet, Stage, Lyrical and hip hop.  I also take acting classes and love to act.

I like to think that I am I very positive person who is always trying to lift other people’s spirits. There is so much negativity in today’s media and society, especially as a teenager, so I do what I can to change that and not be a part of the problem.  Some of my goals as Miss Teenage Lower Mainland are to be a positive role model for kids and adults in my community and to be a resource for people in need.  By this I mean someone to talk to, go to for help, and relate too.  Another one of my goals is to make a change in my community by bringing attention to pressing issues that need to be acknowledged and discussed.

My platform is sexual assault awareness.  Sexual assault is not talked about nearly enough in the media, schools, workplaces, or society.  How can we grow from it if we are not talking about it or recognizing it as a problem?  We need to not only provide support and resources for victims but to also educate the population on this rapidly progressing issue.

I am all for body positivity.  It is so important to take pride in your body.  All human beings are 99.9 % identical in their genetic makeup, it is that 0.1 % that makes us different, we must embrace our uniqueness and not be ashamed of it.  These differences are what make you so beautiful.  There is far little that is more powerful than someone who is confident in who they are.  I believe imperfections do not exist, what is an imperfection, the exact definition is “fault, blemish or undesirable feature” but who is the judge of what is undesirable or a fault.  Anything can be beautiful if you believe it is.  I encourage you to love every curve, bone, zit, scar and birthmark up until the very last hair on your head, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.


Written by: Jessica