Hello Everyone, My name is Hadley, and I am Miss Teenage Northern BC.  Born and raised in a small town, Fort Nelson BC. I teach dance after schools and dance competitively, I work hard at str I have two younger sisters and a very loving family.  I grew up with a very supportive mother pushing me todo my best and always making sure I knew that if you work towards your goals then one day you will achieve them. I am very passionate about dancing, and I love teaching young children how to dance and how to live an active life.

My platform is inspiring young children to live an active healthy lifestyle.  My whole life I grew up exercising through dance and eating healthy. I want to show other young children that it benefits you to live an active healthy life.  I work at a local concession and I see so many kids come and get a slushy or big bowl of french fries before going to exercise. Eating all that fatty food before exercise isn’t good and it also ways you down from being the best that you can be.  My goal is to help the young children of our community and other communities, live an active healthy life.  I make it a routine to workout everyday and make sure that I’m getting the eight bottles of water I need, and eating healthy.   Eating healthy and keeping active helps on your mental well being it helps us keep  a positive mindset and it makes us happy.

Like everyone else 2020 has been so crazy.  This year my grandpa had a stroke and we are now taking care of him in Vancouver, taking him to rehabilitation everyday and making sure we do everything in our power to help him get better.  I hope to show other people what could happen when you’re not living a healthy life.  I love my family so much and I want to make sure no one else lose’s a family member because of a non active life.



Written by: Hadley