Hi everyone! My name is Angela Sung and I’m Miss Teenage Vancouver Island.  Born and raised in a small town on Vancouver Island called Nanaimo.  I’m so thankful and eager to represent my island at our upcoming nationals in Toronto!

I am Korean-Canadian and I am bilingual in both languages.  I have always had a passion for the arts such as fashion, music, and dance. Music is something I have loved since I was a little girl starting from singing in front of my family at 5 years old till now where I sing with my Church worship  team.  A few of my favourite instruments to play would be guitar(8 years), piano (been playing for 5 years), and ukulele (2 years).  I have also been writing my own original songs for 3 years along with performing them in my town.  As mentioned previously, dance is another one of my passions.  I have been a competitive dancer for 7 years now specialising in ballet, lyrical, jazz, modern, and contemporary.  Dance and music has truly helped me come out of my shell and help mend me become the person I am today, as I am able to express safely and freely who I am.  One more thing I am very passionate for is fashion, specifically pieces being styled together and understanding the science behind trends.  Ever since I was little I was always known for going above and beyond in my outfits.  Thanks to my love for fashion I have decided to major in fashion and merchandising at F.I.T to become a fashion buyer.

My platform is cultural equality. Growing up I was never proud of my ethnicity.  Being Korean in a predominantly Caucasian neighbourhood was not the easiest.  I was always being told rude names or derogatory terms to my face, hurting my self confidence and self esteem more and more.  I remember lying in bed every night praying and crying wishing I had blonde hair, wishing I had blue eyes, wishing my eyes weren’t “squinted”, wishing I wasn’t me.  Looking back it breaks my heart to think I wanted to be anyone else but myself.  As the years went by I met amazing people who had been growing the same thing as me.  With them I was able to find a love for myself again and can now truly appreciate how beautiful the Korean culture was.  The unfortunate issue is that kids and people all across the globe are still fighting their battles similar to mine.  Although it may not be big I started a kids tutoring group specifically for the Korean-Canadians in my town.  The class started with 5 and quickly blew up to 25 in a matter of a couple weeks.  During these classes not only am I helping their English grammar and schoolwork I am also creating a safe space for these kids to be who they want to be and to build a trusting relationship between each student so that they know that I am ALWAYS here to talk.  The result of this class was extraordinary. Hearing these kids tell me their stories and what they experienced and helping them through similar situations I went through when I was their age warms my heart.  My main goal for this project was to create a positive and safe support system that I wish I had earlier on as a kid.  The feeling of wishing you were never born is the worst sinking feeling possible and I pray that no kid ever has to feel the way I felt.  I want everyone to be proud of who they are regardless of their skin/race, sexual preference, and gender.

Written by: Angela

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