Hi everyone. I’m miss teenage Lower Mainland 2020. As part of my national campaign I am fundraising for the children’s wish foundation. So far I have conducted a couple fundraising events, the most recent of which was a bake sale/ lemonade stand combo. I first want to take a moment to thank the white rock famers market for sponsoring me a booth which enabled me to hold the bake sale. For 4 days I baked in my homes kitchen making loaves, cookies, lemonade and iced tea. Even though it was a lot of work it was so worth it. I raised 350$ for the children’s wish foundation. My hope is that through these fundraisers I am able to make a difference in children’s lives not only with the money I raise but by inspiring other people to do more for their community. Being active in your community is so important ! Everybody deserves a little help where its needed, Get to know the people you share your city with to make it a better place for everyone to live. I like to be a role model for kids and teenagers in my community. As a high school student there is a lot of pressure to fit the “social norm” and that doesn’t often mean someone who is super adamant about helping their community and volunteering. I want to show kids that’s it cool to care, its cool to try and it so amazingly cool to help other people.

best wishes, Jessica MacNiel

Written by: Jessica