Hey Guys,

Pageant week was amazing, I had so much fun and made so many amazing friends.  When I was little I was so different from everyone else it was hard to make friends, but when I met all these amazing girls it was like I have known them my whole life.  I was so nervous however talking to them made me feel better and I felt like I was at my second home.  The week was filled with so much fun.

The firsts day started with a photoshoot and video Shoot.  We got MTC official headshots, and made a promo video for the beautiful resort we stayed at.  We also got a casual outfit photo which I love. The first day was so busy but so fun, I also had the chance to do a swimsuit video.

The second day was activity day, we started the day with a group breakfast then we walked up to tree trekking.  Tree Trekking is where there is obstacle courses in the trees,  as you complete one the next one is harder.  There are also zip lines in it which I love.  We were there for a few hours and I ended up completing four of them.   We ended around noon then walked to grab lunch and went back up to our rooms so we could take a little rest and change to go to the lake.  At the lake we swam for a bit then a group of us went tubbing, it was a little cold and we fell off once or twice but it was fun. Near the end another group of us went on it and we fell once a whole bunch.  After that time we were cold so we went up to our rooms and got ready for dinner.  we all dressed up super fancy, everybody looked so beautiful.

The next day was rehearsal and preliminary day, we started around 9 went down for breakfast then went to practice.  We did a few hours of walking and then grabbed lunch and went up to our rooms to get our makeup ready for the interviews.  Interviews started around 4 and it went so well I was so confident in how it went.  We went back up to our rooms to change and get ready for the show.  After changing we waited in the hall and i got to meet three amazing young girls, they got to try on my crown and we got pictures together.

The fifth day was rehearsals for saturdays big show, we learned our opening number dance and all our walks.  we rehearsed for hours and at the end we were all tired but it was worth it because I had so much fun and got to learn so much.

Saturday the last day was a little emotional because we just made all these good friends and now we have to leave.  We did a small rehearsal in the morning then got lunch and went to get hair and makeup done for the show that night.  Everybody looked amazing, we all got our red dresses on and headed out for the dress rehearsal before the show started.  We got all our dresses and shoes ready for the show to start then game faces were on.  It was back to back changes smiling and wearing our heels everybody looking amazing.  I was very proud when I made it to top 12 girls.  It was such an amazing experience and i hope to go back next year and make it farther then top 12.

I’m gonna take this year and focus on my platform, make it better and expose it to other people tell them about it and share it with other communities. I want to be a role model to younger girls and show them pageants are an amazing expirence that teaches you so many life skills. And even if you don’t win you can try try again and make it farther every time. If i could take one thing away from the pageant it would be just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice, it ,means you just have to try harder next time and work more, everybody is amazing inside and out and different in there own way and that’s what make you you.




Written by: Hadley