What’s up everyone?! It’s Jess.

Today was a BUSY day. Not gonna lie. However, it was pretty fun. We all woke up at around 7:15am ( a little early cause my internal clock was set to 4:15am). My roommates and I took some roommate selfies cause… why not?

“I woke up like this. I woke up like this. Flawless.” – Beyoncé

Afterwards, we got a yummy breakfast. I ate mostly fruit, because I go crazy for fruit. Especially berries. And yes, it is the same berry addiction that I mentioned in my first post. While we were eating breakfast, the fire alarm went off. I guess all of us girls were too hot 😉 There wasn’t anything wrong, so we were all safe.

We had a quick lunch. Then after lunch, I got my hair and makeup done. The rest was a blur between the interview, photoshoot, and video shoot. Shoutout to the chaperones and organizers who kept it all going! Then we all gathered for a rehearsal. Our teacher, Shawn, taught us some basic walks, poses, and our formations during the pageant. Sometimes he would randomly start dancing to the music and we were all for it.

Amazing hair and makeup done by Kim! Check her out on Instagram @makeup_by_kimc

Dinner was absolutely delicious. Marc, all-around cool guy, whipped up some pasta and meatballs for us, which we definitely needed. The only question I had was…how was he able to cook enough food for nearly 40 hungry teenage girls? We also got our opening number dresses and shoes, but you guys will have to wait for the final night before you see it!

Dinner Time!

I need to go wash the makeup off my face, but I’ll talk to you guys later! Byyyeeeeeee!


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