After many attempts in hosting fundraisers, I realized that I wasn’t really getting the outcome that I desired. The fundraisers were held on very small scales with limited participants therefore resulting in very low amount of profit. I talked with my mom and we both agreed that it would be a lot of fun to plan our own gala and showcase the talented youths in my community.

I always wanted to plan a bigger event where I can bring together youths and adults and provide everyone with a chance to just have a fun time. But of course, the bigger an event is, the more work and time is needed for preparation.

My mom and I were in different countries during the summer since I was travelling in China which made planning the event even more complicated. I couldn’t see the venues for myself, the time difference was a hassle, and the only way for me to contact many people was by email which was not the most efficient. There were many arguments between my mom and I because we had different visions on how the event will turn out. For example, I thought it was more important that people are able to connect and network while my mom thought it was more important that people who came get quality food and space. My mom’s idea then would lead to more expensive venues and catering services.

Throughout the month of July, there were many idea chances and it seemed as if my entire life revolved around this one fundraiser. My mom went everywhere trying to find venues and I was sending out emails trying to find sponsors and performers. We successfully collaborated with 5 sponsors in support of our event including TWG tea and Hainle Winery and around 10 performers including Miss Teenage Lower Mainland. When I received a letter of support from Canadian Cancer Society and when I got the admission tickets printed I knew it was going to be an amazing event.

The event was set on August 10th in VanDusen garden and the turn out was so much better than I expected. Guests were having fun, socializing and enjoying all the performances and the volunteers were working very well together to ensure the smoothness of the event.

This event couldn’t have happened if I didn’t have everyone’s support so for that I am so so grateful. In the end we had over $800 in profit that was donated towards Me to We and the Canadian Cancer Society. I can’t wait to plan another similar event in the future because I learned so much from this one and I know the next ones are only going to be more successful!



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It is day 2 at the Miss Teenage Canada pageant! It still feels unreal that I am here and all the girls are so gorgeous <3

I’m sure everyone looks forward to the food everyday and that is exactly what this blog will be about! It is very important to gain the right amount of calories and nutrients per day because a healthy life style can make a great impact in your life.

Did you know that having a healthy diet can reduce the chance of getting cancer, in fact, “90% of cases ‘could be wiped out by avoiding triggers caused by our unhealthy lifestyles” (daily mail uk). This is where Clean Meals come in! All of their meals are under 500 calories and they are packaged nicely and can be prepared in under 3 minutes.

I personally tried their meals after a long day of rehearsals and interviews and it was actually really filling! Healthy + filling = the best dinner <3

It works so easily:

  1. You select the meal you want
  2. Clean Meals prepare it fresh
  3. They deliver
  4. Time to enjoy your food!

If you are like me and is too lazy to cook, ordering Clean Meals is the way to go

Clean Meals

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In the past months I have been quite busy with school work because of finals! But I did get some time to attend a couple events which I am very grateful about 🙂

Sun Run

Being a sprinter, I’ve never really liked running marathons because it is so tiring and I never train for it. But I wanted to challenge myself at the Sun Run because it is for a charitable cause and I always love a good challenge. I finished with a time of a little over one hour which I thought was a pretty big accomplishment considering I am a 100m runner and this was a 10km run.

Prostate Cancer Father’s Day Run

It was a run/walk much like the Sun Run but this time instead of running, I decided to volunteer. Seeing so many come together to run for a good cause was very inspiring and I had a lot of fun serving food for the runners! It was my second time of the year working with Prostate Cancer and I can’t wait for more events hosted by them in the future.

Afternoon Tea

After finals exams were over, my mom and I decided to organize a little get together with the other BC girls. It is truly a sisterhood as I am now really close friends with many of them. I can’t wait for an exciting week at Miss Teenage Canada with those girls and represent the beautiful British Columbia <3


Being a musician for years, I was always part of an orchestra or ensemble because I love being able to share my passion with all the other musicians and tell a story. My friends has spent months planning for this concert with a symphony orchestra that was completely ran by students. The tickets to the concert were free so we couldn’t donate anything but we were able to spread joy and the sound of music to everyone who likes to listen.

Shoe Drive

Hosted by Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015- Julianne, the shoe drive for Soles4souls turned out to be a very successful event. We raised over 500 pairs of shoes in one day and it was amazing to see the community get together to try to create a positive impact.


Liu Yi Shou hotpot, who is one my big sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada had a 4 year anniversary celebration for their Richmond location! I was so happy to be able to attend the event and their hotpot just tastes amazing. After my trip to Toronto I will come back and take part in the filming of their 2018 commercial! How exciting 🙂

My reign by far has been so much fun and I can’t wait to compete for Miss Teenage Canada and meet more wonderful ladies!

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This blog is about a sensitive topic but I know there are people who are going through or have been through similar things and I hope you can relate to this and know that you are not alone.

The year of 2017 was the most difficult year of my life by far.

I struggled a lot with my mental health because of the loss of friendships, family problems and bullying. Anxieties and depression were interfering with my daily activities and I eventually decided to give up. Having no motivation to do anything in life, I just sat around the house after school and did not care much about my grades. I was scared to open up to people so I held all the emotions within myself which made me not want to go to school because I was tired of pretending like I was fine.

I was not fine. I know I needed help.

But I was scared.

I was scared of people saying all I want is attention or that there is nothing wrong with me it’s all in my head or that no one actually cares about my problems I should just kill myself to make everyone’s lives better. And indeed, those comments were said to me when I did decide to open up to some people. But there was a spark in my life that I just couldn’t let go of.

People often ask me what it is that helped me through that period. The answer is the few friends that I had. They knew something was wrong, they cared for me when no one else did and most importantly they believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. They were there for me through the entire year and made me a better and much happier person that I am now. To be honest, without my friends, I don’t know where I would be right now. Maybe still laying around having absolutely no goals or any ideas about who I am and what I want to do in the future.

A year after, here I am, as the new Miss Teenage British Columbia moving on to nationals.

I guess what I am tryin to say is that when going through a hard period in life, always know that there are people who care and will always support you. They might not always be there every time you need them because they are busy with their lives, but at least they are there. And never give up. Things happen, people mess up, relationships can be complicated and feelings can be hard to control but those are no reason to let go of the beautiful life that you have. There is always something in your life that is worth fighting for and that is why I decided to join this pageant.

My experience made me realized that I can turn this story into something positive and help and relate to other youths who are going through similar things. I found my passion in life and that is to help as many people as I can. Being able to do a little act of kindness everyday makes me so happy. I also realized how important it is to have a strong support system so don’t be scared. Reach out to professionals or loved ones when you need help because they will always be there for you. I will always be there for you.

Be strong.


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For the past months, I have been fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society and the We Charity so today I decided to share all my fundraising experiences and hopefully provide you with some tips and tricks! I have had many success but also many failures and I have learned so much that I will apply for future fundraising events!

December 2017 Cookie Jars

With my club, we decided to do a fundraiser in school to welcome the holiday season and kick off the new year ahead. We made mason jars that are filled with ingredients one would need to make chocolate chip cookies along with bags of ingredients that one might need to enjoy a cup of hot coco that are decorated to resemble reindeers. Because this was one of the first fundraisers we did together as a club, we ran into many difficulties – people don’t know who we are and where we are donating to made them less inclined to trust us. This fundraiser was one of the failures but we learned how to brand ourselves and what information we need to have for next time.

February Valentine Grams

It was Valentine’s Day and I thought, what better to do than sell Valentine Singing Grams so everyone can enjoy some romantic songs. It worked by people buying a song for a person and members from the Vocal club would sing the song for that person in front of their class on Valentine’s Day. It was quite successful and everyone had a lot of fun! It was quite a hassle to organize as I had to talk to the Vice Principle and all the teachers to make sure they were okay with the interruptions and organize the singers. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend you trying this out!

April 2018 Flowers

In April, spring was around the corner so my club decided to organize a plant sale. We bought some plants, made our own boxes and sold them in front of the community centre. This was one of the most tiring fundraisers of the year. We stood in front of the community centre for a bout 2 hours and no one showed up to buy our plants. So we decided to go door to door and sell our plants. It turned out to be really successful even though we had to walk around the entire neighbourhood for couple of hours but it was a good workout! We were very timid with speaking to the residences but soon opened up and most people were very supportive of what we were doing! The sale turned out to be quite successful as we sold all of our plants and got donations from some people as well.

April 2018 Rings

One of my sponsors, KYCE Jewelry, has kindly given me a lot of jewelries to sell for my fundraisers. I specifically asked for 925 silver rings because I thought they were well liked by teens and it would be an easy way to earn some money to donate. Things turned out to be very differently than expected. I created a post in facebook groups to sell the rings but I got many comments such as “How do I know you are donating the money” or “I hate the people who use charity as an excuse to make money” etc. It hit me very hard to know that there are people who can be so unsupportive but there was a former queen who stood up for me and argued for my purpose. It was so heart warming to know that the pageant system creates sisterhoods and we all look out for each other <3

May 2018 Cupcakes

Classic bake sale at the community centre when another leadership was happening at the same time. We thought it was going to work very well because it was organized to happen during the break of the other bigger event. It turned out, however, not to be so successful. There were not a lot of people who showed up at the leadership event and most people who were there didn’t bring money and they were already handing out free food at the community centre. We ended up having many cupcakes left over and gave them away for free because no one would buy them. That was one of the failures of the fundraisers but we learned that sometimes creativity win.

May 2018 Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, former Miss Teenage BC 2015 Ariel Cao organized a fundraiser along with other title holders: Miss Teenage BC 2017, Miss Teenage Richmond 2018, Miss Teenage Burnaby 2018, Miss Teenage Burnaby 2015 and myself. It was a tea party for some mother-daughter time and we set up photo booth, raffle prices and each girl got to talk about their platforms. It was a lot of fun to be able to work with so many amazing and inspiring young women who all believe in a cause to help their communities. During the questions round with the queens, I talked about the past year of my life which was the worst year of my life. I realized how important it is to be able to have a support system because without my friends and family I wouldn’t be here today (literally). It was quite an emotional time but I learned so much from that year and got stronger than ever before. And now, I am living the dream.

May 2018 Doughnuts

Later on in May, I decided to collaborate with Miss Teenage Lower-mainland to do a classic Krispy Kreme doughnut sale! We did deliveries all over Whiterock, Surrey, Richmond and Kerrisdale along with setting up stands in supermarkets and skytrain stations. At the beginning things didn’t go as smooth as I expected as I set up a stand in my community and no one came by to purchase doughnuts. I went home, feeling down but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. So my mom and I went to the skytrain station in the afternoon and stood there for a couple hours and sold out all the boxes! We made a lot of money and it was very much a success!

July 2018 Tie-Dye

There was a Canada Day carnival happening in the community centre so my club decided to set up a stand beside it and do a tie dye event since a lot of little kids were going to be present. It was the most successful event we did because we were always busy and sold out of all our shirts and used up all of our dye. It was really fun and gave the kids an experience to personally dye their own t-shirts which I believe many of them really enjoyed doing. The t-shirts also turned out to look very good despite that it was our first time tie-dying shirts. We didn’t earn too much money because the cost of materials was quite high but the experience is the most important and we will never forget the amount of fun we had!


1. Start off with setting up a stand when there is a bigger event going on so more people can learn about you or your organization

2. Have some marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers and business cards so people can remember you

3. If you can’t get money from people, get them to write their emails down so you can send them emails when you have an event going on so more people would know about it

4. Collaborate with people who have a bigger presence on social media to get them to talk about your organization and post about events that you might host

5. Have a budget plan and keep track of how much money you spend and how much money you earn

6. Find sponsors for your events to limit the cost of materials

7. Use your network, connect with other organizations and reach out to other people to help you with your events

8. Don’t ever give up, keep trying you will succeed eventually

9. Always give back to the community, thank everyone who helped you in the process and people who participated in the events

10. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the results that you expected because it takes time to build your brand and I believe your hard work will pay off one day

Have a good day!! Talk soon 🙂

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Today I decided to write about something more fun 🙂

This blog will be 15 fun facts about me so you guys will get to know me pretty well by the end. Don’t spill the secrets 😉

No.1 My favourite subject in school is math. I know I am such a nerd but numbers just make sense to me!






No. 2 I first chose to play flute just because it was a small and easy to carry instrument but I fell in love with it over the years

No. 3 I have been travelling since I was about 3 and I have been to over 10 countries. My favourite was definitely France and Canada because both places are extremely beautiful and the food is amazing!

No. 4 I am quite an adrenaline junkie! Bungee jumping and sky diving are definitely on my bucket list

No. 5 My favourite movie series is Harry Potter and I have watched all the movies at least 5 times. They are just so amazing! This summer I will get back to reading all the books and if you haven’t read or watched the series you really should you won’t regret it!

No. 6 I once owned 20 hamsters, 6 turtles and a puppy at the same time. It was so hectic but I loved them all. Unfortunately most of them have passed away because of old age but I am really glad I got to spend some years with them. My friend gave me a pair of hamsters one day and she told me they were both boys, then one day I looked inside their cage and I saw babies! It was a shock but definitely a pleasant one the little ones were adorable <3

No. 7 Seven is my lucky number and my favourite. It just makes me happy I’m not sure why.

No. 8 My favourite food is Ramen or any kind of noodles for that matter. There are just so many good restaurants in Vancouver!

No. 9 My family is from the capital of China- Beijing and I have visited there many times it is a beautiful place. I will be travelling there again in the summer and I can’t wait to share a blog about my journey with all of you!

No. 10 My favourite events to watch in the Olympics are anything related to swimming. Most people say swimming is the most boring sport to watch but I just find it so much fun. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with my cousins just to watch Michael Phelps swim!

No. 11 I used to get C and C+ in elementary school art classes. I was extremely bad at art and I still am. I really appreciate the work of arts and I really wish I could create something so beautiful but it just never happened for me 🙁

No. 12 The ocean and the beach are my favourite things about nature. It is just so nice to lay on the beach and enjoy such an amazing view – the sunset, seagulls and waves hitting the sand. Everything about it is just perfect.

No. 13 I have made the goal to travel all around the world (at least to most of Europe) with friends or a loved one by the age of 30. I enjoy learning and exploring different cultures and meeting new people is always a blast.

No. 14 I actually hate shopping. It is very stressful to pick out something I like but when I do decide to spend an entire day at the mall I just have to buy something. I can never go home empty handed.

No.15 My mom and my friends have helped me through so much in my life and I can’t thank them enough. They taught me how to be a better version of myself and loved me when I wasn’t even sure if I could love myself. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my life and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be here without any of you.

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Hi it’s Miss Teenage British Columbia checking in!

In the past months after crowning, I have been attending several charity events including shows, conferences and awards ceremonies. It was really amazing to see some of the local organizations bringing people together to celebrate multiculturalism and to donate to really important causes.

April 2018

The first event I attended was a conference hosted by the Canadian Youth Union Foundation. The organization was created because a high school student went missing for several days and the student’s parents reached out to friends who assisted the police in finding the student. A few days later the student’s body was found near a lake. This group of friends that came together decided that they want to keep doing this to support families who might be in the same situation. They host conferences about youth’s mental health and how parents can communicate with their children. I was really moved by the work that they have been doing and how important it is because there are many youths out there who need support but don’t know where or who to go to.

Founders of the Canadian Youth Union Foundation

The next event this month was the Vancouver Spring Show that wanted to spread multiculturalism and unite the different communities. I think multiculturalism is very important because of how diverse Canada is as a country and it is also a great opportunity to bring the community together by enjoying a show. I was very honoured to be interviewed by WOW TV and to be able to talk a little bit about myself and my title.

May 2018

I had the privilege to attend the Mother’s Day Concert at the Orpheum theatre and model with Bentley at the event. It was an amazing event with all the talented performances and guest speakers. There was actually a section where they pick a mother in Vancouver and make a short video about her to present at the end of the concert and they picked my mom!!! It was so exciting to see my mom so happy because she has always wanted to film something like this and it was just a very memorable experience.

My gorgeous mom and I

The most recent event was the 15th Outstanding Women And Mothers Awards Ceremony/Show and I met so many successful women. They have done so much for the community and for their families it was just a very inspiring moment. My friend’s mom was mentioned and it was very heartwarming to see her hard work paying off and how happy she was to receive an award. Overall, those women motivated me to keep working hard for the rest of my reign and bring as much positive energy to my community as I can.

My friend’s mom, me, my mom and guest performer

I will keep you updated with future events, but for now Miss Teenage British Columbia is signing off!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day <3

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Hi my name is Tina, I am 16 and I am the current Miss Teenage British Columbia 🙂 I am so honoured to be able to hold this title and I will work my hardest to bring positive changes in my community.

Welcome to my blog and today I will be sharing with you somethings I love to do so you can get to know me more!

Because I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, I developed interests for photography. I love going to Gastown, olympic village and Stanley park to take pictures and go on adventures with my friends. There are also so many amazing restaurants and stores along Robson street and I absolutely adore.

Picture I took of Gastown


Going up North into North Vancouver, there are gorgeous mountains which I love to go to during both winter and summer. In the winter my family and some friends would often go up the mountains to go snow shoeing or snow boarding/skiing an it is so much fun to be able to spend some quality time with the people close to you. In the summer, my family try to go on the Grouse Grind as much as possible to try to keep a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Mt Seymour Snowshoeing

In my everyday life since the age of 5, I have developed a passion for music. I started out with playing piano for almost 5 years but then I came across this fabulous instrument that I fell in love with -Flute. I first decided to play the instrument just simply because it is so small and easy to carry and all of my friends picked it. Now that I have been playing this instrument seriously for the past 4 years, I enjoy it more and more everyday. Music has brought so much joy into my life; it provided me with opportunities to perform on stage and it sometimes calm my anxieties. Now that I have received the First Class Honour With Distinction for level 8 RCM flute, and is involved in multiple chamber orchestras, I am motivated to work harder to achieve more goals.

Health and fitness play such a significant role in my life and it has lead me to various sports. My favourites are basketball, ultimate and volleyball. I have been playing those sports with my school team ever since elementary schools and the best thing about those sports is that I got to meet so many wonderful people and I learned important skills when working with a team.

Of course, community service is on the top of my list. I have always wanted to do something beneficial to the society and create a positive change, so I am incredibly thankful for this title because I get to do more. I chose the platform to support cancer research and spread awareness because of two main reasons. Firstly, my grandpa passed away from lung cancer and it was so hard to watch my family go through the loss so I really don’t want to see other families go through the same thing. Secondly 1 in 4 may Canadians get affected by cancer making it one of the leading cause of death in Canada. Maybe one person in your friend group would encounter the disease at some point in their life. The club that I have funded in the community have been doing really well and we wish to keep it up in future years and potentially expand it to different cities. I want to inspire more young individuals to do something that they are passionate about and bring positive change to their communities.

My club doing a fundraiser!

During my year of reign, I will be attending multiple charity events hoping to create a bigger impact. I will be supporting non-profit and charity organizations with their work by volunteering or making speeches.

I am so excited for the year to come and I can’t wait to share it with all of you 🙂

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At the end of my reign, there are so many things I want to say and not enough words to say them. A brief paragraph would not be able to encompass the remarkable gratitude, joy, glamour, hardships, reflections, friendships, experiences, and opportunities that constitutes my year of being Miss Teenage BC. Pageantry used to be such a foreign term, but now it is one of the most endearing, nostalgic and commonly-used terms in my vocabulary, because pageantry has been redefined for me. It’s changed my life for the better and helped me grow in unprecedented ways. I don’t want to begin by talking about my experience, but rather, the people who’ve made it possible.

Thank you to Michelle Weswaldi, the director of Miss Teenage Canada. You’ve enabled me to do so many amazing things with my life and inspired me with the amount of dedication you put into this pageant. I wish you all the best!

Thank you to Ariel Cao, Miss Teenage BC 2016 and her family, I would definitely not be here if it weren’t for you. You are all so gracious and generous, and I will be indebted to you forever for the support you’ve gifted me.

Thank you to Blink & Brow, C & C learning center, and White Rock Learning Academy for being great sponsors. You’ve made this journey truly magical.

Thank you to Angeline Macdonald. Not only have you provided me, and many other girls, with beautiful gowns that enhanced our personality, you’ve been a wonderful judge.

Thank you to my mom. From encouraging me unconditionally to helping me pack my enormous gowns into a tiny suitcase, you’ve truly supported me in every way.

Thank you to all the pageant girls I’ve met along the way. All of you are incredulously positive and inspired me in ways you can’t imagine. You are all my sisters for life.

Having some fun with Ontario girls during our bikini opening number.

MTC Girls at the mall for some serious bonding time.

My lovely BC girls. Going to miss them so much!

Four different provinces. Sisters at heart.


Lastly, thank you to anyone who came out to my fundraisers, donated to my campaign, or wished me good luck. Your support means the absolute world to me.

When it comes down to it, people will ask me: “What’s the best part about being Miss Teenage BC?” To which I respond not with “all the glamour and fun”, “all the meaningful connections I made”, “all the confidence I’ve gained” or “all the people who want to take pictures with me”, (however, these are all true) but rather, the best part is being able to make a difference. Being able to use my crown and sash for something more than decorating purposes. Being able to tell little girls who come up to me that each and every one of them are natural princesses, they should believe in themselves, and follow their dreams. Being able to raise $1000 for the WE charity and provide educational resources to those who are in dire need of it. Being able to prove to the world that pageantry is life-enriching and confidence-inducing. Being able to broach social issues and spread multiculturalism with my platform. Being able to leave my reign, knowing that I changed the world somehow. That’s the best part of my year as a provincial winner.

The fundraiser I hosted for WE charity! Raised over 1000 dollars in the end for international education for children.

volunteering for Variety Charity, a local charity that supports kids with special needs.

Volunteering for TELUS walk to cure with diabetes. These kids’ faceprint looked so cute I had to take a pic!


I hope you have all enjoyed the documentation of my journey via blog, it was a blast to attend events hosted by wholesome organizations and have cool exchanges with the media. If you want to know the specific events I attended as a titleholder, read some more of my blog posts. It was heartwarming to volunteer for kind people and be able to help those in need, and exciting to make my first appearance on TV & in a parade!

I made an appearance on the Harpreet Singh Talk show on Joy TV! Check it out!

Vancouver Canada Day parade 2017! Biggest crowd I’ve ever seen, and they loved us

The best things in life are outside of your comfort zone. A year ago, I was an insecure, anxious girl who melted into the corners of a room. But today, I am open, free, and proud of everything that I’ve achieved and have become. My journey doesn’t end here, and I will keep trying to push myself to do my best and try new things, keep trying to empower those around me, and keep being my own kind of beautiful, after all, that is what pageantry is all about.

To all the girls competing this year or involved in pageantry, I commend you. It’s incredibly nerve-wracking to express yourself so openly on a stage, and heels hurt. A lot. But this will change your perspective on life, on pageantry, and most importantly, yourself. You will see yourself as a role model, a change maker, a confident person who’s deserving of love and appreciation. But don’t take my word for it, go out into the world, and take a chance. Whether that’s in pageantry or just in life, don’t be afraid to try. I don’t know where it will get you, but it will get you somewhere new, I can promise you that. It will get you to new territories teeming with promising opportunities and new ideas and people. I wish everyone reading this the best of luck in the future, and a bittersweet virtual wave of goodbye.




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